Four Steps to Maintaining Your Door Hinges

There are few things more annoying than squeaky entry doors in your home. Every time you go in or out of a room, you hear a loud, shrill squeak. Maintaining your door hinges is key to preventing the sound from starting. Here are four steps to maintaining your hinges and keeping your doors noise-free.

Step One: Purchase the Correct Lubricant

When repairing your door hinges, whether working on an interior or exterior door, you need to purchase the correct lubricant. You want a lubricant that can penetrate the grime on your hinge and keep working for an extended period of time. Silicone spray lubricants are the most widely-available and work well to grease the hinges. Lithium grease and food-grade oils can also be used in a pinch.

Step Two: Locate the Hinge Pin and Remove

The hinge is located between the door and the wall; the pin holds the two components of the hinge together. The pin will be round and will need to be removed to properly lubricate. To remove the pin, open the door and pull out the pin with long pliers. Be careful when pulling out the pin as it is easy to scrape your knuckles.

Step Three: Clean and Apply Lubricant

After you remove the hinge pin, use an old towel to whipe the grease and grime from all parts of the hinge. Once the components of the hinge are clean, apply a thin coat of lubricant directly on the pin and the hinge itself.

Step Four: Reassemble the Hinge

To reassemble the hinge, line up the pin and slide back into place. With the lubricant applied, the pin should fit easily. Once the pin is all of the way down, verify the hinge is properly assembled by opening and closing the doors several times. This also allows the lubricant to get into all parts of the hinge. If your door continues to squeak when it is opened or closed, repeat the steps above until the squeak disappears.

Add Style and Improved Function with a Replacement Door

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