Triple-Pane Windows are More Energy-Efficient

When you go outside, dressing “in layers” keeps you warmer. Adding a layer of glass to a window has the same effect. An additional layer of glass creates another air-pocket and a better insulated window. Rite Window’s Triple-pane has 3 layers of glass, most windows have two. The added layer of glass in Rite Window’s Triple-pane lowers its U-Factor Insulation Rating to 0.20, one of the lowest in the industry. If you live in New England and have large fuel bills choosing a triple-pane window will pay a significant benefit. Another advantage of a triple-pane window is noise reduction; it helps to reduce outside noise inside your home.

Rite Window guarantees you will not find an Energy Star certified triple-pane window, with a 0.21 U-Factor, a lifetime warranty, installed for less than our price… Bottom line: Rite Window’s Triple-pane is one of the best window values in all of New England.

Rite Window offers our triple-pane window as an option. Some of our competitors only sell a triple-pane window, so it’s the only option they push. These “triple-pane only” companies want homeowners to think a traditional two-pane window is hugely inferior, but in fact today’s two-pane window is far more energy efficient than anything manufactured 15 years ago. For homeowners needing to stretch their budget a quality two-pane window is perfectly sufficient. Either way, Rite Window sells both the double and triple-pane and allows the customer to make the choice that best fits their needs.

A High Priced Window Doesn’t Guarantee Greater Energy-Efficiency

A brand name shirt might cost $100 at Macy’s, yet the exact same shirt sells for $50 at Marshall’s. A higher price doesn’t make the Macy’s shirt better, it only means Macy’s finds enough people in the market willing to pay the higher price. It’s a similar situation with window buying. Don’t assume a higher price buys far better quality or greater energy-efficiency. The best strategy is to compare the window’s U-Factor, the installation record of the company, the warranty, and determine which window brand gives you the most for the dollar.

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